1st Grade Overview

The goal in First Grade is to have every child reach his/her maximum potential and leave the year with the desire to be life-long learners.

  • Partner and table groups to foster problem solving skills
  • Lead and Participate in the Kinship Mass
  • Make cards and other special items for Next Step Pregnancy Center
  • Prepare and Present the MLK Assembly
  • Prepare and present poems at the Annual Speech Assembly
  • Participate in the spring Track Meet

1st Grade Standards


  • Understands Creation and Jesus and the Church
  • Develops the practice of prayer – talking, listening and forming a relationship with God
  • Participates in Service Projects within our class and throughout the school

Language Arts:

  • Makes accurate predictions at instructional level and uses strategies to confirm text
  • Applies listening and observation skills to recall and interpret information
  • Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print
  • Write an opinion, informative and narrative and provide some sense of closure
  • Learning spelling words to help with writing
  • Memorize and recite a 12 to 15 line poem in our Speech Assembly


  • Determine in unknown whole numbers in equations
  • Applies properties of operations to addition and subtraction
  • Fluently add within 20
  • Problem solving with two to three steps


  • Observation of plants
  • Explores sunlight, water, and soil
  • Investigates animals and their habitats
  • Examines the characteristics and lifecycle of insects
  • Being to understand and recognize the Scientific Method

Social Studies:

  • Develops awareness of the role of self and others in home and community
  • Lives positively with others in the school community learning rules and making choices
  • Develops citizenship and small group skills

Heifer International Project

For the season of Lent the first graders are raising money to buy a pig for a family in need. We thought about what was a reasonable amount we could do and then brainstormed a bunch of ways to do extra work around the house for some money.

The gift of a pig gives a family not only food but the opportunity to sell baby pigs to make money and with that the chance at an education for their children.

Check out the Heifer international website for more information and ways to donate!



100 Days Smarter!



And just like that we’re 100 days smarter! This year for the 100th day of school we dressed up like we were 100 years old and did all sorts of activities using the number 100. Check out some of the fun we had today with our classmates!



Doubles, Doubles, I can add Doubles!

Doubles, Doubles, I can add Doubles. It’s no trouble for me to add doubles!

We have been working on addition strategies and finding friendly numbers. One way that we do that is by quickly being able to aSee the source imagedd using our doubles facts!

The class has learned a rap song to help them memorize their facts and love when we get to practice the song. Check it out!




Poem Time!

It is that time of the year again when we are memorizing and performing poems! Students should have their poems and gestures memorized at this point in our practice.  We are working on speaking loudly and standing iImage result for poem clip artn front of a crowd.

Students have copy of the rubric in their folder and that is a great resource for you to use when practicing. I have also attached a copy of the rubric for you.



Speech Rubric

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