1st Grade Standards


  • Understands Creation and Jesus and the Church
  • Develops the practice of prayer – talking, listening and forming a relationship with God
  • Participates in Service Projects within our class and throughout the school

Language Arts:

  • Makes accurate predictions at instructional level and uses strategies to confirm text
  • Applies listening and observation skills to recall and interpret information
  • Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print
  • Write an opinion, informative and narrative and provide some sense of closure
  • Learning spelling words to help with writing
  • Memorize and recite a 12 to 15 line poem in our Speech Assembly


  • Determine in unknown whole numbers in equations
  • Applies properties of operations to addition and subtraction
  • Fluently add within 20
  • Problem solving with two to three steps


  • Observation of plants
  • Explores sunlight, water, and soil
  • Investigates animals and their habitats
  • Examines the characteristics and lifecycle of insects
  • Being to understand and recognize the Scientific Method

Social Studies:

  • Develops awareness of the role of self and others in home and community
  • Lives positively with others in the school community learning rules and making choices
  • Develops citizenship and small group skills
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